Bay BitHack is the first ever university hackathon dedicated to Bitcoin in the United States. Come make Bitcoin history with us.

The initial event in the hackathon circuit will be held at UC Berkeley and will be one of many Bay BitHack events hosted at universities throughout the Bay Area in the future. No previous experience with Bitcoin is necessary, only a desire to join the ranks of a rapidly growing number of outstanding developers and entrepreneurs building on the future of money.

It's about time that universities started paying attention to Bitcoin.

Bay BitHack is a collaborative effort between students at the University of California, Berkeley; Stanford University; University of California, Santa Cruz; Santa Clara University; and San Francisco State University; and the College Cryptocurrency Network (CCN). All students are welcome!

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  • Teams may include up to five members.
  • All hacks must be built at Bay BitHack by registered participants.
  • All hacks must involve Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, or the blockchain in some way.
  • High school students 18 or older may participate.


A valid submission is a software or hardware hack produced at Bay BitHack, from start to finish. This hack must involve Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, or the blockchain in some way.

This includes a ChallengePost submission to Bay BitHack and a demonstration during the Final Round Demos on Sunday, Nov 2. 

Provide a working tech demo during your presentation. If a working demo is not available, provide a short deck to show off your concept.


John Yi

John Yi
Product Manager / Coinbase

Jeremy Gardner

Jeremy Gardner
Executive Director & Cofounder / College Cryptocurrency Network

Daniel Chen

Daniel Chen
Engineering Partner / Andreessen Horowitz

Thaddeus Dryja

Thaddeus Dryja
Engineer / Vaurum

Michael Dunworth

Michael Dunworth
CEO / snapCard

Judging Criteria

  • Implementation of Blockchain Technology and Principles
    Success doesn't necessarily come from breakthrough innovation but from flawless execution.
  • Creativity
    Dream beyond simple API integrations. Build an ideal use case for Bitcoin or an unprecedented applications of the blockchain.
  • Technical Difficulty
    How on Earth did you pull that off in 24 hours?